Switch Light/Dark theme from Wingpanel

Quick guide to change from light to dark theme and viceversa directly from your wingpanel, without opening your settings.

First, we need to download the “wingpanel-indicator-daynight“, you can do so by clicking on this link and directly downloading the .deb file or by visiting the GitHub page: https://github.com/maze-n/wingpanel-indicator-daynight

Once we have our .deb package, we are going to install it with “Eddy”, wich you can find on the AppCenter orĀ  here.

Now finally open the .deb with Eddy, click install and enter your password.Once done, restart your system to make sure all the changes will be correctly applied. Not everything in the system will change immediately, so if you want a full dark/light theme you will need to restart.

And here it is the final result:

Note: wingpanel-indicator-daynight and dark theme are currently not supported by the elementaryos team, use at your own risk.

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